Out Adventures

OUT Adventures brings an entirely new world of travel to gay men, lesbians and gay families. Step outside the confines of a typical resort holiday and take the road less traveled. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities awaiting you. Meet likeminded friends. Get an authentic experience. And travel the eco-friendly way. It’s all part of OUT Adventures.

OUT Adventures brings you the world. With over 90 departures and trips on all 7 continents, you are guaranteed to find something to fit your taste and budget.

Choose your destination, choose your trip style and leave the rest to us.

Trips are guaranteed to depart 90 days prior to departure and we suggest that your international airfare be booked ONLY once your trip is guaranteed to depart. Of course, if we can guarantee the trip earlier than 90 days you will be notified.

Let OUT Adventures assist you with all your travel needs, including international airfare and insurance. It’s all about convenience and value for money.

Out Adventures offers 4 distinctive types of trips . . . the more to meet your individual needs!


Adrenaline is the only thing you’ll need to pack for these trips. As you’d expect, activity is key. But we’re not jumping off cliffs or paragliding – hey, that’s entirely your choice. You will, however, be exploring new worlds by bike, kayak and foot. Active trips are the ideal way to travel if you want plenty of cultural interaction while firming those gluts of steel.